Recapping NCF23: Shaping the Future of North America

From October 4th to 6th, 2023, Mexico City was the stage for a momentous event – the North Capital Forum 2023 (NCF23). This three-day symposium, hosted by the U.S.-Mexico Foundation, provided a platform to deliberate and address the pressing challenges of North America.

NCF23 brought together a diverse array of over 700 participants, setting the scene for enlightening discussions. The event comprised an impressive lineup of 23 panels, featuring more than 100 distinguished speakers. These influential figures and thought leaders converged to present their ideas and recommendations, all aimed at fortifying the integration of the North American region.

Building upon the achievements of its predecessor, NCF23 continued to serve as a catalyst for advancing the North American agenda. The event provided an opportunity for prominent stakeholders from the region, trilateral affiliates, and distinguished guests from around the world to share their insights.

The North American Way: A Unifying Vision

Central to NCF's mission is the concept of "The North American Way." This vision encapsulates both individual and collective aspirations, addressing innovation, efficiency, economic progress, and social responsibility. It thrives on collaboration and draws strength from cultural bonds, regional principles, shared history, and customs.

The leaders and participants of NCF23 were united by their dedication to furthering The North American Way. Their deliberations explored ways to nurture growth, strengthen economic ties, and enhance social responsibility across the continent.

A Key Contributor

Among the influential figures at NCF23 was Alvaro Bustillos, an accomplished entrepreneur and founding partner of Vaquero Trading. As a leading supplier of Mexican cattle to the United States, Alvaro played a pivotal role in discussions concerning the Texas - Mexico Border Economic Bloc.

This dynamic alliance encompasses Texas, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas, positioning itself as a formidable economic force within North America. Alvaro and other stakeholders delved into strategies for leveraging collective agreements, fostering a business-friendly environment, and maximizing shared infrastructure.

Their discussions revolved around harnessing the unique strengths of each state to drive sustainable growth, attract investment, and establish a prominent presence in the North American economy. These conversations exemplified the collaborative spirit and vision that define The North American Way.

Vaquero Trading's sponsorship of NCF23 underscored the company's commitment to fostering cooperation and innovation in the cattle industry and beyond.

As we reflect on NCF23, it becomes evident that Alvaro Bustillos and Vaquero Trading actively contributed to shaping the future of North America. They advanced The North American Way, promoting growth and prosperity throughout the region. Stay tuned for more insights and developments from future NCF events, as North America continues its journey toward a brighter tomorrow.